Looking For A Rainbow

Let us know what your favourite song is
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starter REA-fan
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Looking For A Rainbow

Post by rainbowemmie »

This song has to be the most amazing song that has ever been written. It has so much meaning to me and it holds a lot of memories for me as i have been listening to Chris since the day i was given ears! The fills add so much to the song- they are also lyrics as i feel that rea talks with his guitar-sharing his feelings. The solo at the end is absolutely breathtaking, this is a song that will be in my heart until the end. Thank you so much Chris! :D

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Post by Gabriëlle »

Also one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: :D

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starter REA-fan
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Post by karl_blues »

Mine too! But that album is a classic. Just all great songs.
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bREAth of blues
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Re: Looking For A Rainbow

Post by eddierose0608 »

I love this song!! Its one of the best from the Road To Hell album.

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