The sound of Chris Rea : question for guitar players

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The sound of Chris Rea : question for guitar players

Post by Bruphie »


of course I'm a big fan and I'm not fool enough to even pretend sounding like the man

of course I know that 99% of his sound comes from his master skills and unique feeling

BUT : he still uses a rack and sound effects as any guitar player would do (don't tell me I'm wrong : I've seen the stage floor on the dvd).

So my question is (you have probably guessed it by now) :

can you give me tips on setting common guitar effects to approch Chris's sound on some tunes

(from the live DVD I would pick "Where the blues comes from", "'Til the morning sun shines on my love and me", and "Somewhere between highway 61 & 49")

Thanks for any tips


PS : about effect, simply consider I can use : Chorus, Flanger, Wah, Compressor, Noise Gate, EQ, Reverb, BPM Delay, Overdrive, Distortion, Phaser and Tremolo.

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Re: The sound of Chris Rea : question for guitar players

Post by philippe_wurtz »

hi up...

i've ought a fender Stratocaster Chrisra signature....

with a vhs tape where CR explain ox he got this sound......
First of , he explains that his guitare "pinky" was drowned under 1 meter of water during 30 days,due to an accident with the water tanker over the house of his parents.... CR doesn't gve any waranty if you try this methode.... :-)

secondly :

he tune the guitare in E major, he use a bottle neck in glass, and slide to give a lot of feeling.

!then he only use the compressor (at max ...??) : the angry button .....

good test


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Re: The sound of Chris Rea : question for guitar players

Post by PAB »

You can find some informations here: ... ?print=yes
CR would use a little bit of delay and a little bit of Boss Chorus.

In a other interview, he says that a simple Fender Toronado with a Hot rod amp (a Blues junior) is enough. Maybe it's true, but ...something is missing.
On the site of Line 6: if you watch the part dedicated to the Tone Core pedals, take a look at the video. At a certain moment, close to the end of the movie, you'll get THE sound of CR slide guitar. It seems to be a mix betwween the Echopark (delay) and the CrunchTone which makes this sound. ... ecoreVideo

By the way, I never succeed to get this sound. But I'm a bad player. :?


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Re: The sound of Chris Rea : question for guitar players

Post by Bart »


Regretably I cannot help you with this (I am sure other visitors here can...), but I will move your post to a more appropriate forum...
REAgards, Bart (webmaster)

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Re: The sound of Chris Rea : question for guitar players

Post by mbrooks »

Hi all

Based on an article in Guitar Buyer April 2008 and a photo of Chris's pedal board, here is the chain of effects he uses:

Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer
Boss CS-2 Compressor
Boss DM-3 analogue delay
Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble

On the basis of my experience with such matters, part of his sound lies in his fingertips and the vintage amps he uses, so that even if you can find these pedals you will not sound line him.In fact, you would not sound like him even if you played on his own set up--there is magic in his hands.



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