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"You Must Be Evil"

Let us know what your favourite song is
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Looking For Sensation
starter REA-fan
starter REA-fan
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"You Must Be Evil"

Post by Looking For Sensation » 25 Apr 2006, 00:02

Hence my user name.

It's a very powerful song about an IRA mob attacking beating up and
eventually killing two British soldiers all live in graphic detail on the BBC
Six O'clock news. Witnessed by Chris's little girl who was about 8 years
old at the time and the traumetising and upsetting effect it had on her.
I saw the same news report and I found it upsetting so I can imagine
the effect it would have on a child.


bREAth of blues
bREAth of blues
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Post by Roadie » 25 Apr 2006, 13:30

Oh, so thats what it is all about. Been listening to that song and thinking that he is singing againsta movie violence or summat. Now I know better, so thanks m8 :wink:

A great song btw.
No-one knows that black dog better than I...

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super REA-fan
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Re: "You Must Be Evil"

Post by Zeljko » 22 Apr 2008, 09:35

Magnificant song....


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