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Hard choice, but...

Let us know what your favourite song is
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Hard choice, but...

Post by lilybee » 27 Jan 2008, 00:03

The first song I heard was "Fool", and then I got hooked on the videos of "Tennis", "I can hear your heartbeat", "Josephine" live, etc. because he looked so good in those videos, (you know, that 80s look suited him well... :lol:)
...He's gotten better with age and still takes my breath away with his new stuff...

Most of the summers and blue skies songs pick me up right away,
All Summer Long
On the beach
King of the beach
Sweet summer day
Looking for the summer
Shine shine shine

And of course the love songs,
Thinking of you
As long as I have your love
Stick by you
And you my love

A little somber but excellent,
Lies become the truth
Nothing to fear
Shadows of the big man
I'm still holding on
Curse of the traveller

And... all the songs mentioned on this thread. All of them, and the rest of them too :D

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