SPOLIER ALERT! - Don't read this if you like surprises!

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bREAth of blues
bREAth of blues
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SPOLIER ALERT! - Don't read this if you like surprises!

Post by davidgsmith »

Saw Chris a couple of weeks ago in Manchester, which was great, but saw him again last night at Sheffield and it was amazing! The reason? The addition of a song right at the end - "Driving Home For Christmas" !!
I stand to be corrected but I don't think Chris has EVER sang this live before as he reportedly doesn't like the song that much.
Safe to say, it capped off a truly brilliant evening, Thanks to Chris and his fantastic band. THANK YOU :)

andrew fischer
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REAlly addicted
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Re: SPOILER ALERT! - Don't read this if you like surprises!

Post by andrew fischer »

Hi David,

thanks for sharing this information, but it has already been being discussed in the news section of this forum: http://chrisrea.nl/community/viewtopic. ... 150#p12824

This 'spoiler' is also widely discussed on Chris Rea-related pages on Facebook.

Chris 100% played this song live in December 1988 and is also reported to have played it in December 1986 as well (but I have concrete proof of that). See the discussion of this fact here: http://chrisrea.nl/community/viewtopic. ... 570#p12084

I never heard or read a hint on that Chris does not like Driving Home that much, there is a video from December 2012 The One Show (UK TV) shot at Abbey Road Studios where Chris tells an amazing and touching story behind this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrdW5iP9xZo

Thanks again and best regards
My VK fan page for Chris Rea in Russian: http://vk.com/chris_rea

starter REA-fan
starter REA-fan
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Re: SPOLIER ALERT! - Don't read this if you like surprises!

Post by bluesun »

I saw the great man at Newcastle and what a show, up to his usual high standard, not much audience participation, which was a bit of a shame, but everyone was on their feet at the end giving him a well earned ovation, he also played driving home for christmas, which was a bit quirky, but being the festive season, it went down a storm. I have seen hin now about 6 times over the years, and like us all he is not getting any younger, but still plays the blues with a real passion. and to top it all I got one of his plectrums he used during the concert,,. great night.
keep on rocking chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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starter REA-fan
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Re: SPOLIER ALERT! - Don't read this if you like surprises!

Post by FLORENCE »

Hi Guys
Only joined today, so this post may be delayed. Saw your message about Driving Home for Christmas. Don't know exact year, so if somebody can help me out that would be great and am still looking for picture. Chris played this at Wembley as a finale. We had snow coming down and 2 giant Father Christmas's being bounced around the crowd. I know we had the Father Christmas's as I managed to get all the air out of one and brought it home with me on the tube. It is still in the attic today, so would be nice to see some pics of that show, - or even one of the future shows that only had one Father Christmas.

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