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bREAth of blues
bREAth of blues
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Re: Merchandise?

Post by Zel »

elangelo wrote:Come on, Zel, this is a music forum, not a political one :?
I tried to explain why Chris's Santo cost so expansive on Concert :D
bREAth of blues
bREAth of blues
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Re: Merchandise?

Post by BlueMaranello »

I hear you, Zel, man.
Well, we all know it's not Chris that's doing the ripping.
I read an interview where he's talking about how and why he wanted this set to be cheap (in terms of price, of course),even though the money guys wanted it to be at least 40 pounds. And it really is, in (most) shops, on the internet and especially some concert venues (less than 20 euros for 2DVDs and 3CDs!).
You can just go around and see the differences in ticket prices (even up to 4X) and it's quite clear who
is doin' the rippin'! (Hey, I noticed there is no angry face smiley offered in the main selection. Nice! I wasn't gonna put it anyway.)
So... We can all light a candle for each other!

And, hey, isn't it strange that there are no official T-shirts and tour programs and stuff?
I was really saving up for the last 2 tours and there was no money flying!
Chris is making us save money! ARRRGH! No, there is no angry face for Chris Rea! :)
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