All is forgiven Mr Rea

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All is forgiven Mr Rea

Post by tungsten222000 »

I purchased Fool If You Think It's Over - The Definitive Greatest Hits a few weeks ago and no matter how many times I attempt to listen to it I just don't get it! The songs all feel to my senses to be very stripped back. Unfortunately it seems to be the great Chris Rea sound that has been stripped. Maybe it's just me but this album just seems quite uninspired. Probably the the one truly disappointing Chris Rea album for me!

However... I finally found Still So Far To Go... The Best Of Chris Rea in a shop today. It's a complete revelation to me. These songs all sound fantastic. I can't name a letdown track anywhere on this 2 disc set. Whatever has been done to the production only enhances the feel and the spirit of the tracks and seems to have really refreshed them without torturing them into some sort of submission. I love all the live versions of these tracks on various other albums but this set excels!

So... all is forgiven Mr Rea! I look forward to your next production.
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Re: All is forgiven Mr Rea

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Well, everybody noticed that the Definitive Greatest Hits were recorded "during a lunch break". No surprise that Chris never mentions this CD in his interviews. I think it was an experiment of playing all the instruments and recording everything by himself, well, it was worth a try... I still like "On the Beach", for example.
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