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Limited "Deluxe Fan Bundle" available at now

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Re: Limited "Deluxe Fan Bundle" available at now

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nickaddison wrote:In the dining room we have a huge "Nightmare Before Christmas" giclee print signed by Tim Burton, there's a "Nightmare Before Christmas" storyboard in the living room
Wow!! What a coincidence! Another great Tim burton (specially "the nightmare before....") fan here! Any chance for a photo of these items (preferably by mail)...
nickaddison wrote:"You're going to Marlow this afternoon? That's The Road To Hell"
"I bet you'd rather be On The Beach than here right now"
"Are you Driving Home For Christmas?"
Hahaha... :D :lol:
REAgards, Bart (webmaster)
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starter REA-fan
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Re: Limited "Deluxe Fan Bundle" available at now

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Photos on the way.... I have also just snapped the mounted Jack Skellington and Lock, Shock & Barrell masks that we've got which were taken from the original moulds by one of the artists that worked on the film (naughty) and the Nightmare Before Christmas lumicel which plays various songs from the film which different areas of the picture light up!
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