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Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 14:55
by eddierose0608
I know there is already a cord topic but as Im a lead guitarist, I need to try n find the tabs for the parts played by chris rea in a few of his songs n I can't find them anywhere and its so much easier to learn a solo by tabs. The one song I have got the tabs for is "On The Beach" which is a very basic song. I would love the tabs for Texas, Looking for a rainbow and Nothing to Fear. I got a slide and the only thing I'm missing is the tabs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Tabs

Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 17:56
by lilybee
Hello Eddie,

I will be posting some tablatures for the songs somewhere, sometime soon.

Stay tuned,


Re: Tabs

Posted: 27 Jan 2009, 13:54
by eddierose0608
Thanks!!!! will be greatly appreciated!!!!