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Posted: 01 Mar 2008, 16:53
by PAB
Andrey wrote:Yea !!! I saw that yesterday.... Chris was in a very good mood. He was dancing, sometimes even jumping, and talking to the public (though not many understood what he was about when he said... "You may say, that I'm too old, but I never too old to dance !!!" (because he is ONLY 57) :D ) The new songs seem to me too simple in comparison with his wide famous hits, but they are still nice. I noticed that he didn't write them based on "12-bar blues" (except one or two I heard).Instead Chris added circle of fifths to many his new songs (I've remembered the only - "Russian roulette" :D , but there were much more of them, written in that style...) The concert hall was full(about 8000 sits)!!! And the public was very, very hot ! So I hope to see him again next year here, in Russia or may be even this year somwhere in Europe. By the way, does anybody know where did he move from his "Sol Mill"...?
Hi Andrew,

I noticed (fantastic pictures from Moscow) that Chris didn't use his capo on the third fret anymore. Is it only because of the selection of pictures, or did he decide to play that way all the concert long?
:lol: And what the hell did he make to his Maranello? Is that glue tape I see on pictures?

Thank you,


Posted: 16 May 2008, 12:12
by chrisrea101
Chris varies his guitar tunings, I think it on "I cant wait for love" he used open E, on songs like "easy rider" and "stony road" he capo's the third fret to G i think (shortens the strings) othertimes like on "Til the morning" on the last tour it was a D/C tuning, The Hustler open A. So he varies it a bit but I reckon most on the famous songs eg road to hell is in open E. I'm no expert but Im learning to play the guitar and mess about playing some of chris's stuff.

I think the taped up guitar was a Hofner, not the Italia maranello, which appeared later. His shiny Blue maranello is my fav instrument he plays love the sound he gets from it.


Posted: 17 May 2008, 07:52
by chrismiller
Hey Pab,

I took a close watch to Chris' guitars in concert and I noticed he plays open in all the Delmonts songs as far as I can remember.

Later, when it came to the Bluenotes, he used a 3rd fret capo in songs he did the same before (e.g. Stony Road, Easy Rider). By the by capo 3rd is a kind of standard blues tuning; many musicians use it. It actually means two notes up on the guitar (GCFA#Dg instead of EADGBe).

And yes, that's black friction tape :D but the guitar - as previously written - is a Hofner.



Posted: 20 May 2008, 13:44
by PAB
Thank you Chris,

I note the special tuning you're talking about (big tension for the strings). Up to the Open E. I didn't know that open tuning.
Yes, it's black tape, I saw it in Antwerp (I was closed to the stage). Maybe against vibration, as you say.
But about the guitar "taped" he used during the second part, it's a Italia Maranello Classic (closed to a Hagstrom). A cheap guitar (compared to a good Strat) which sounds well for the slide. I've got one and I try to play a little bit, but I'm not very good. Slide requires a great feeling that I don't have ..... yet (hope, hope, hope :? ). I also try to find a sound between Chris and Tony Joe White. Amazing quest.

Thank you for the post, I'll try the tuning as soon as possible.



Posted: 22 May 2008, 10:14
by chrismiller
Hey Pab,

I'v been also about playing some blues and slide stuff lately and the first thing I can advise is to practice, practice and practice (instead of hoping... :D ). Really, I began playing with slide about a year ago and that all sounded like sh*t that time; nowadays it starts sounding almost O.K. While practicing you will note bit by bit what sounds good and what ain't... of course it's important to know which note belong to each fret.

To bring some blues tune out of your guitar; there's a harmony of C, D minor, E minor, A minor and B7 chords.
D minor is a base chord; you can play it in every fret, strum or arpeggio. Doing arpeggio the string order is G-e-B. D minor in 3rd fret then 2 nd, 1st, open, E minor is a classic blues opening.
You can also alternate the chords above; playing a note half-up or half-down.

Playing B-C#-D on A string (then going up to D and G strings) is a basic blues riff. E.g. Satisfaction is all about repeating B-B-B/C#/D - D/C#/B.
Or repeat B-B-C#-B four times with open E string then go up to D (E-E-F#-E) and do the same with open A string, go back to A and repeat the first riff twice then play B and F# together four times... then repeat from the beginning. Can you feel the blues now?
It all works with capo 2nd or 3rd, too.

Plus, while playing with slide it's important to lift it some times (to play open string) then put it back onto the string; you can get that unique vibrating sound with it.

Hope it helped a bit, have a good time with your guitar and never stop practicing.



Posted: 22 May 2008, 11:24
by PAB
Thank you very much.
Now, I've got informations for years of practice.
If my wife is too angry because of that, I'll tell her it's because of you. :lol:

Thank's again.



Posted: 22 May 2008, 15:26
by lilybee
Thank you Chris! :D :D

I printed it out, My husband knows what you're talking about and will pass some on to me :D :D

I have a couple of slide guitar books, but the best way is really for someone to teach you and show you,
right there in front of you, and then, like you said , PRACTICE!



Posted: 23 May 2008, 09:06
by chrismiller
You all are very welcome! I'm really glad you found it useful.

Practice, Pab, then feel free to accuse me :D

Have a nice weekend,