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Chris In Sheffield

Posted: 06 Apr 2008, 14:40
by Oliver
Another fantastic concert from Chris. He is definitely getting better and better! Sound just incredible. Loved the new Delmonts stuff - especially 'BB was a Comanche'. Only wished we could have had a bit more, especially after the 4 minute standing ovation from a packed house. Still, can't complain. This time two years ago we all thought we would never see him in concert again! Keep coming back to Sheffield Chris, you're the best!!

Re: Chris In Sheffield

Posted: 06 Apr 2008, 17:17
by Chris Wastell
Was there 2. second row slap bang in the middle. As said Chris was fantastic. the raw emotion in the songs just gets the hairs on the back of my neck on end its awesome. Have to say i was disappointed more of the crowd wernt on their feet more of the time. I must have annoyed a few by standing up lol.

Harrogate tonight :D