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Review For Blues Review Tx, USA

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Master of ceREAmony
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Re: Review For Blues Review Tx, USA

Post by lilybee »

Hi Mark,

There are at least 10 of us who use the chat :D

I'm sure Bart will get it up and running as soon as he gets back, won't you Bart???


Lily B.
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Re: Review For Blues Review Tx, USA

Post by Tina3 »

Hi Mark,
Lily and I have just been saying the very same thing on another thread.I hope Bart decides soon wheather he will bring it back or not.
Tina :) :)
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Re: Review For Blues Review Tx, USA

Post by Bart »


If I am correct, the chat should be working right now. The non-functioning of the chat had nothing to do with the recent discussions on the chat, although I must set up some rules for chatting (most important, NO discussion about live recordings, bootlegs, download sites, etc. as is on the forum!) and evaluate them from time to time, to look if the chat is succesfull. So for now, enjoy your chat... :lol:
REAgards, Bart (webmaster)
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