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Just something i found...

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Chris Wastell
bREAth of blues
bREAth of blues
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Just something i found...

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Chris is due to release a double vinyl album in October/November but under the name of The Hoffner Blue Notes and not The Fireflies. A separate vinyl album of 60's guitar music like BB King and The Shadows will be released around the same time under the name of The Delmonts.These will all be released on 2 cds at a later date. A tour is planned for next year.Chris will appear as part of both groups and might even play some of the old tunes.
Just something i found a few times while i was surfing you tube. not sure in how much truth its based on but thought it mite be useful :)

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Re: Just something i found...

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Hi Everyone,
Here we go again back to this idea of vinyl.Do you still use your turntable Chris :lol: :lol: looks like you will have some use for it soon. I wonder will these releases be all part of the tour that is been organised as we wait.I hope so as it will make for a very good concert if that could be possible with Chris.All his concerts are fantastic.Belated Happy Birthday Chris for last Sunday.
Kind regards
Tina :) :)
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