Was The Hull Concert cut short ???

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Looking For Sensation
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Was The Hull Concert cut short ???

Post by Looking For Sensation »

I've been to many concerts at "Hull City Hall" and the authorities there
are paranoid about concerts over running.
On Friday night Chris performed two encores the last one being "Fool
If you think It's Over". However I'm convinced he was going to appear for
a third encore for the following reasons :-
I'm sure I saw the guitar technician swop Chris's guitar ?? . If the
concert's over why bother.
The lights stayed out for a long time as if the hall authorities / Chris &
his manager were arguing back stage.
The last time I saw Chris way back in 1992, his final encore was a
blistering version of "set Me Free" . This ranks as one of my finest rock
n' roll moments utilising the sound and lights to the full. It was awesome.
No disrespect to " Fool If You Think Its Over" but it didn't come close
to having the same impact.
What have been the encores at Chris's other concert this tour???
Was any other forum members at Fridays concert and what where your

All the best


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bREAth of blues
bREAth of blues
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Post by pam »


certainly, 'Fool' was the last encore at Plymouth on 13 April - I tend to think that the lyrics are the most important on that track - meaning, that it is unlikely that it is over for Chris as a musician, only as a solo artist.

What do you others think :?:

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cleveland calling

Ending concert

Post by cleveland calling »

Same happened at Birmingham - I think it was probably his way of getting away before the fans left the Hall!
Fool is a strange choice for last song because the previous two had everybody on their feet, but Fool had everybody sitti :!: ng down again. Strange..........

jolting jill

hull concert finale

Post by jolting jill »

I was at Hull and felt that there could have been a more crowd rousing final song but
Fool if you think
is a wonderful song and we went home on the road from Hull feeling quite mellow. It was alaso noticeable that the car park in princes quay opened as the song finished

JILL :lol: :o :D :D

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Post by Classy »

Same at Nottingham..... although with the song title we hoped there might just be more..... I don't think it was his was of getting away... we went down town for burgers and still got back to catch him at the stage door and a wave goodbye.
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ace of hearts
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Post by ace of hearts »

I was at the Hull gig, could have gone on to do another 20 encores for me :D . I never felt there was going to be another really, we always hope if as an audience we m,ake enough noise there will be one more.
I see Chris is going to do one more gig to coincide with the Cd/DVD release of the tour. Any chance of a coach travelling from Hull I wonder ?
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