Farewell gig 2006

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starter REA-fan
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Farewell gig 2006

Post by seraph »

Hi Chris Rea Fans,

I went yesterday to Chris Rea Farewell gig in Amsterdam,the Netherlands.I was planning to stand in front of the stage,unfortunately it's packed already :( At last I was sitting up the tribune and it's packed as well :!: From up there I could see the stage,Chris Rea and co.perfectly :D What a great performance :D :!: I loved the way Chris Rea performed his blues and old stuff,what a great voice :!: I've danced along his catchy songs,couldn't keep my body/legs standing still :lol: Most fellows didn't dance,I didn't get it :?: Two hours something went by so fast :( Thank u for the music Mr.Rea U r the Best :!: Hear from you soon again :!:
By the way I bought a beautiful Farewell tour cap,a cute bear with farewell tour on the bear's shirt and of course Chris Rea Farewell Program :D


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Post by Gerby »

Great to read that you enjoyed the concert :D
Please write your concert review as nobody did it yet for Amsterdam.
Thanks !

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