amsterdam 31 oktober 2005

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Bob Vermaak
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starter REA-fan
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amsterdam 31 oktober 2005

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Beste Mensen,
Een Nederlands topic voor een Nederlands onderonsje. Wat vonden jullie van de bijeenkomst in gallery Donkersloot? Wat vinden jullie van de cd? Wat vonden jullie van Rea? Ben benieuwd naar reacties!

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Amsterdam session

Post by gjvg »

Well, looking at the photo's of the sessions in London and Hamburg on this site, I think there must have been a nicer place in Amsterdam then this (i.m.o.) cold, white gallery.
I could understand that FAME (shop) wasn't the right place, but with Gallery Donkersloot' I got the idea we were in a garage.
The paintings hung to high, the place was too small.

But having a small chat with Chris, making pictures and having his signature on the book was great. :P

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Re: amsterdam 31 oktober 2005

Post by Zgred »

This is very, very entertaining to read the Dutch question and then read the English answer :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Please people have mercy on us folks....... bo jak sie kurde zdenerwuje to sobie pojde! ;)

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