Silverstone Classic - Sir Stirling Moss and Chris Rea

Stop the presses ... ;-)
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Silverstone Classic - Sir Stirling Moss and Chris Rea

Post by vivienne »

I was surfing the net looking for what Chris might be doing over the summer especially with racing and came across this item.

Silverstone Classic: Star Entries Include Sir Stirling Moss and Chris Rea A fantastically diverse grid of sportscars – plus some very famous names behind the wheels – is promised in all three races organised by Motor Racing Legends at the Silverstone Classic, 24-26 July.
Sir Stirling Moss will be dicing against musician Chris Rea in the Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy for pre-1956 sportscars, Sir Stirling driving the 1956 Osca FS 372 he regularly races in the Woodcote Trophy, and Rea his silver 1955 Lotus Mk 6. Both are in Class 1, for drum-braked cars up to 1500cc, with racing that promises to be friendly yet fiercely competitive.
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Re: Silverstone Classic - Sir Stirling Moss and Chris Rea

Post by Jim M »

THanks Vivienne
Looks like this would be a fun weekend !
I'm sure C.R. is thrilled to be racing against Sterling Moss.;
I would imagine he holds in the same ReaGards we have for him.
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Re: Silverstone Classic - Sir Stirling Moss and Chris Rea

Post by blueskev »

Thanks Vivienne,
After reading about this is occurred to me how much Chris and Stirling Moss have in common. Both are very lucky to be be alive (Moss had a bad crash that ended his career and recently fell 30 feet down a lift shaft), they both are very talented but ultimately weren't as successful as they should have been, and they are both great to listen to.
They would both be on my ideal dinner party guest list!

I will keep a look out to see if this event is televised.
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