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Listen The Real Deal Blues Music For Free In Internet

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REAlly addicted
REAlly addicted
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Listen The Real Deal Blues Music For Free In Internet

Post by Mr_Blues » 23 Feb 2010, 08:06

Hello all blues fans !

You may already know this but there is a website called with thousands of
free internet radio stations with their own genres such as rock, pop and of course the blues !
There you can listen many of the old masters, some of them still living, some of which has
been long gone now and of course some interesting new bands from all over the world.
While listening these blues radio stations you will find endlessly new great stuff and sure
won´t get bored. Always listen these stations while being in work, great stuff to listen
in background, days go by nicely :) ... enre=blues

Also, I have heard few times Chris Rea on here as well, 90´s blues being the song.
Not too bad :)
Too many good words to add here.
I better just sit back and drink beer. :)

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