The Forum and your posts

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Jim M
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The Forum and your posts

Post by Jim M »

With the new releases coming in 34 days (exactly as I'm posting) hopefully postings on the forum will increase.
I was like (i'm sure) many of you and came to Bart's site many times before my first posting.I'm not exactly sure why but it took a bit to express my opinions on a subject.I know between releases and news from Mr. Rea the forum gets a little slow but shortly we should have alot to discuss.Also it seems the same people (I'm one of them) are the only ones posting -we need some new blood.
I would like to call on everyone who is registered or just visitors (as I was) to Please participate in our little Chris Rea (or other artists) discussions.You are among friends here and likely the only place where you can show your true Reanatic status. Also please tell your friends about the site & forum.
Hopefully C.R. 's site will be up soon which should give us a little conversation material but in the meantime if you see any interviews or articles please share.
THanks for reading and POST POST POST
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cREAtive fan
cREAtive fan
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Re: The Forum and your posts

Post by vivienne »

Hi Jim
I check on the site from time to time but I admit not on the daily basis I used to when it was humming along. Let's hope it will start being more active now that he is putting out a new album. But interesting, tonight I am sitting here on my computer with the TV going on in the background watching an episode of Coronation Street (yes sad life) and we are several years behind,no doubt, here in New Zealand from what is now happening in England. Anyway, I'm sitting with it going on in the background when I realise that the music being played is Chris Rea singing his song "Driving Home for Christmas". Was so nice to hear and hence here I am on the site again. Can't wait for his next release. Still spend my time listening to him while I'm out driving my car and really looking forward to having a new CD to listen to. He still remains the top man for me:-) and will never ever forget the day I got to meet him with my dear friend Tina in Dublin!!
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