un français (a frenchi)

Let us know who you are, where your from, .... and what your connection with Chris Rea is !
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bREAth of blues
bREAth of blues
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un français (a frenchi)

Post by philippe_wurtz »

hello everybody,

My name is Philippe WURTZ, and i was born in Strasbourg, France, in july 1972, the 24 ( now i'm 36 if my count is good...). I'm living now in Metz (France)

I always hear music from my "old familly", when i was young.... but i was delivred by "the road to hell"... i always have each new REA album ASAP, and now i turn my soul to the blues, more and more....

I learn electric guitar 2 years ago, and 6 months ago i found the Fender stratocaster Chris rea signature in Portugal. I stop to sleep .... i start to slide ....

Now my little son ( 3 years old) is fan of Martin Ditcham, and play drum with anything wich pass under him ... :shock:

see you

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Re: un français (a frenchi)

Post by Zgred »

Welcome to the site, great to have more "practising what they preaching" fans ;)
Here are some people playing guitars, and of course 100% praising Chris Rea.

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Master of ceREAmony
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Re: un français (a frenchi)

Post by lilybee »

Bienvenu Phillippe, :D

Welcome aboard!

You might find this thread interesting...

http://www.chrisrea.nl/community/viewto ... =38&t=1279

Great job done by Chris Miller, :D


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cREAtive fan
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Re: un français (a frenchi)

Post by PAB »

Hello Philippe, Bienvenue,

Happy Owner of a Chris Rea signature ( :( :( I hate you).
I would be fine to put a picture of your guitar on the topic Lilybee showed you.

Best, PAb

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Re: un français (a frenchi)

Post by Bart »

Hello Phillipe...

Welcome to the forum! When you wrote your post I was visiting your wonderfull country!!
REAgards, Bart (webmaster)

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