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by Caper
31 Oct 2006, 16:35
Forum: News
Topic: The release date of live 2 DVD for U.S.- region 1 ???
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Hi, Actually, if you go to you will find that they have The Road To Hell And Back DVD, both regular and hardback editions, available in the NTSC Region 0 format. I've already ordered mine there and according to this mornings e-mail it should be shipping shortly. Hope This h...
by Caper
22 Oct 2006, 22:27
Forum: News
Topic: Chris on Bob Harris show
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OK, this is the first I've heard about Chris's plans to release his new music on vinyl only and the first question to pop into my mind is "Is he mad?". Personally I feel that this is a very shortsighted plan. While he may be feeling a bit of nostalgia for the days of vinyl it is a plan tha...
by Caper
21 Oct 2006, 22:00
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Topic: DVD Help
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DVD Help

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone here can help me. I seriousy want to order The Road To Hell And Back DVD but I'm really confused as to the format of the DVD. With the exception of (they are listing it as PAL Region 2) all other sites such as CDUniverse and CDWOW show the DVD to be eithe...
by Caper
21 Oct 2006, 16:47
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Topic: DVD : magical but wrong pictures during Road to Hell solo
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Hi Bruphie, I just have a quick question about your DVD. I've noticed that every site except lists the DVD as being Region 0, while Amazon shows it as being PAL, I am assuming that Amazon is in error here. So I was wondering if you can tell me whether it is NTSC Region 0 or PAL. Thanks ...
by Caper
21 Oct 2006, 14:41
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Topic: another article ...
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Just a quick question. In the article in The Telegraph the writer mentions a retrospective five CD box set released last year...what set is this? Does anyone know what he's referring to? The only box set I can recall from last year was the fabulous Blue Guitars.

by Caper
25 Oct 2005, 02:07
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Newbie
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Hi Everyone, After checking out this very informative website for the past few months I'm finally getting around to registering and introducing myself. My name is Brian and I'm from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. I've been a fan of Chris since I first heard It's All Gone on radio while att...