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by Bluejukebox
27 Nov 2005, 13:20
Forum: Photo's
Topic: Is that a REAL Smile Chris?
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:) Maybe Chris is just giving people what some of them have come to expect. If people expected you to be miserable all the time then it's a pretty safe guess that you'd be miserable so as not to break from the norm. When you listen to some of the interviews of late Chris is happy and laughing so it ...
by Bluejukebox
27 Nov 2005, 09:49
Forum: 2005 - Blue Guitars
Topic: shedding tears because of Blue Guitars
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Good morning to you all, It's been a while since I posted but getting back into the swing of it now. In answer to the post if anyone cried - I have. But probably for the wrong reasons. For me it's Clarkson Blues. Yes, Clarkson Blues. Just listen to that slide guitar solo. Chris was on with Paul Jone...
by Bluejukebox
06 Nov 2005, 10:30
Forum: Other artists
Topic: What artists do you listen to - besides Chris Rea?
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The artists I listen to when I'm not listening to Chris can vary depending on what mood I'm in.
They include -

by Bluejukebox
31 Oct 2005, 17:14
Forum: Personal favourites
Topic: Preferences regarding the different styles of music by Chris
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Reply to Antti

Hello there Antti - I don't know if you'll read this or not, I hope you do. I have been listening to your music on Soundclick - cos I'm a member there myself. I like your stuff but you're wrong - 32 doesn't mean you're old. It just means you're older. I play guitar, drums, keyboard without being abl...
by Bluejukebox
30 Oct 2005, 02:41
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Birthdays
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Hi Bluejukebox here - my name's Jack.
I was born 7th September 1973 - makes me 32. Starting to feel old now.
by Bluejukebox
29 Oct 2005, 08:50
Forum: 2005 - Blue Guitars
Topic: review Blue Guitars
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If this is what Chris is about then it's just a shame it took him so long and to suffer an almost life-taking illness to get there. Emotion and passion oozing from every note. The best thing Chris has ever done until the next thing he does. Can't wait to see him live in concert with this material - ...
by Bluejukebox
25 Oct 2005, 10:13
Forum: 2005 - Blue Guitars
Topic: Blue Guitars - The Perfect Sound and Vision Package
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Blue Guitars - The Perfect Sound and Vision Package

Hi all - my mother sent me Blue Guitars as a belated birthday present because she isn't well and hadn't the energy to sort anything out at the time. I received this morning and am working my way through CD one - Beginnings. The first thing that caught my attention is the absolutely fantastic packagi...