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by dmytrobryushkov
31 Dec 2012, 19:06
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Chris Rea's songs, translated to many languages
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Chris Rea's songs, translated to many languages

Hello for everyone
I recently discovered very interesting web- site, keeping Chris Rea's songs, translated to many languages, including Russian, Serbian,Persian and many others. Enjoy:
by dmytrobryushkov
04 Mar 2012, 17:17
Forum: Biography
Topic: Happy Birthday Chris
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Re: Happy Birthday Chris

Happy birthday, Chris! Let this short poem below be your modest gift: The king of the gold rock (Chris Rea’s dedication) The concert starts- and it is no free space- It’s deem light- nothing to replace- We listen gold rock- don’t loose- But win! You play amazing blouse… Guitars, which sound, as a vi...
by dmytrobryushkov
01 Mar 2012, 05:04
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Birthdays
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Re: Birthdays

Hi Bart
My birthday is July 18, 1964. Such way, I am in the Blue Cafe age now.
by dmytrobryushkov
22 Feb 2012, 04:39
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Hamburg- Saint Peterburg
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Hamburg- Saint Peterburg

I am looking for the text of the wonderful song Hamburg- Saint Peterburg. Some part of the text is in German, which I am not fluent, and I wander to see it original. Unfortunately, this text is not available in the Internet sources. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance.
by dmytrobryushkov
12 Feb 2012, 04:42
Forum: Biography
Topic: Adrian Rea?
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Re: Adrian Rea?

I saw one guy on Facebook, his name is Adrian Rea. See
But I do not think he is related to Chris Rea, as he lives in US.
by dmytrobryushkov
11 Feb 2012, 00:36
Forum: Other artists
Topic: Leonard Cohen
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Re: Leonard Cohen

I am very enjoyed his songs,especially, "Future"- I saw the future, brother, it is murder"... His lyrics are beautiful, but much complicated for poetic translations. Unfortunately, he is very rear guest in Canada, despite, he is from Canada (...
by dmytrobryushkov
09 Feb 2012, 02:52
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Shadows of the big man
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Re: Shadows of the big man

Shadows of the big man- is one of the best hits in the one of the best Chris Rea's album "The Blue Cafe". I thought, the Big Man- probably, the allegory, related to recording companies, as Chris was not quite happy with their requirements, resembling Procrustes bed (see his interviews in Y...
by dmytrobryushkov
09 Feb 2012, 02:30
Forum: Photo's
Topic: Warszawa 5.02.2012
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Re: Warszawa 5.02.2012

Fresh breathing of Santo Spirito!
by dmytrobryushkov
14 Jan 2012, 05:44
Forum: About this site
Topic: Discuss: Site rules / Forum guidelines
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Re: Discuss: Site rules / Forum guidelines

Dear Bart/site administrator! I still very confused, was I am registered or not? I thought, I have found the wonderful site, where I can communicate with other people, what like Chris Rea's poetry, songs and music. Is it site for a few selected Chris Rea's friends, who are allowed to tell their opin...
by dmytrobryushkov
09 Jan 2012, 23:19
Forum: News
Topic: Chris on youtube !
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Re: Chris on youtube !

Thanks so much for clarification! But I am still some confused- is it allowed to post other Youtube files, which do not contain actual Chris Rea's performance, but my contain his songs, performed by other singers, or even that ones, translated to another language? Will it be violation of the forum r...
by dmytrobryushkov
05 Jan 2012, 22:13
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: John in Thunder Bay - Canada
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Re: John in Thunder Bay - Canada

Hi John!
Welcome from Thornhill as well! It looks, as I am not only one Canadian, attending this website. My best respects, Dmytro
by dmytrobryushkov
02 Jan 2012, 17:51
Forum: About this site
Topic: New Avatars
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Re: New Avatars

Dear Bart (site administrator, as far as I understand)! I would like to edit my avatar (post my picture), but my avatar editing function is still disabled. I may not know all small technical details how to unable it, that's why I have to ask your help. Also, how it is possible to edit my user's name...
by dmytrobryushkov
02 Jan 2012, 17:21
Forum: Personal favourites
Topic: List 10 of your most favourite songs by Chris, please
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Re: List 10 of your most favourite songs by Chris, please

I would list my 10 favorite Chris Rea's song is the following order:
1. Curse of the traveler
2. All summer long (1985 year)
3. Nothing to fear
4. The road to hell (full version)
5. The blue cafe
6. Loving you
7. Out of the darkness
8. Windy town
9. You are my love
10. King of the beach
by dmytrobryushkov
01 Jan 2012, 21:00
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Lyrics and translations into russian!
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Re: Lyrics and translations into russian!

It is nice to see, I am not alone! Not bad translations from he points of sense. What about of poetic translations, which should have a rhymes and be consistent with the music? Of case, the sense of the lyrics should be also close to original. See a few references:
by dmytrobryushkov
01 Jan 2012, 20:39
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Gone Fishing lyrics
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Re: Gone Fishing lyrics

Gone Fishing- is one of the most beautiful songs of Chris. I am addicted to angling, and can tell, that this song perfectly shows the feeling, experienced during quite time on the lake's beach, when rising sun paints the morning skies in the tender color, birds are singing and you watching so desira...